FAQ below

Do I have to register specifically ?
No, you have to register as usual at your event for your distance you choose and you will be automatically added to the ranking system
please note: in Germany you have to give individually your agreement at the event

Do I have to start always with the same partner?
No, the points are added individually to you as person, independent of Solo or Team and independent of the partner.

Is it allowed to change a partner for different Championships like long, half, ..
Yes, you can start Solo or with any partner who also have the official ranking status for championships or direct qualification 

How are the results 2022 taken into account?
In 2022 and 2023  you will not need any qualification. The points from 2022 onwards are taken in account for the official ranking and you will need at least 2 qualifier events and the ranking of the first 250 or direct qualification  (best 3 in all age groups and teams) for participation in 2024.