For Championships 2022 and 2023

everybody can apply directly for the Championships without qualification

For Championships 2024

different routes to the Championships:

 - Top 3 at one of our Qualifier  Events, independent of the distance
(also along individual age groups at our qualifier races)

- according to the Ranking status the best 250 (solo and teams separately-distances all together)
are allowed to register for championships 2024

- minimum of 2 races are required for 2024
or direct qualification with Top 3

- there will be a small number of racers for our sponsors and wild cards

Championships Age Groups
Solo: Elite 16-39, Masters 40+

Teams: men, woman, mixed
below 90 and 90+ years togehter

Marathon: Solo and Team as well
(age groups have to be agreed with our partners, in particular for 2022) 

you gather the points as a person independent of team, solo or distance 
- Marathon|long- 3x 300 points
- Half|middle -      2x 1. place 200 points
- Sprint           -      1x 1. place 100 points

The first 49 gather points