SwimRun Hydra, Greece
25th November 2023
Marathon Team only 

DISCOVER more than a race. 
Discover the big island adventure with ultimate SwimRun Experience !

Our Championships 2024

For 2024 you have to be qualified
- either via the Ranking top 250
- or via Direct Qualification by winning your class at one of our qualifier events 2022 or 2023

SwimRun Lagoa/Algarve/Portugal
mid of May 2024
(date will be confirmed ASAP)
Halfmarathon Team & Solo

DISCOVER beaches and rocks at it's best

SwimRun Immeln, Sweden
17th August 2024
Marathon Team only 

the magnificent nature and lots of islands at it's best

SwimRun Cote d'Azur
October  2024
Sprint Team & Solo

DISCOVER the  fashionable and cultivated Cote d'Azur with it's best views

our past championships 2023

SwimRun Rheinsberg, 
25th June 2023
Sprint Team & Solo

DISCOVER the refreshing difference of SwimRun with it's fast course

9th July 2023
Halfmarathon Team & Solo
Marathon Solo 

DISCOVER scandinavian nature with austrian culture and hospitality