Backwaterman SwimRun

DISCOVER  fjordlike scandinavian nature with ancient knights 

Austria, 23rd June 2024

34k /24k/12,5k/9,5k all Team and Solo

Experience the thrill of our revamped event featuring four exciting distances with brand-new course designs.
Set against the majestic backdrop of Castle Waldreichs, our new event location adds a touch of medieval splendor.

Immerse yourself in the world of knights with a captivating knight ambiance, topped off by an exclusive knighting ceremony reserved for our marathon finishers. Join us for an unforgettable sporting adventure, where performance meets the enchantment of history

The race leads through fjord-like bay and the Dobra river landscape who provide a unique natural scenery for the competition. 
The trails offer a rich sightseeing program with castle Ottenstein, dam wall, ruins Lichtenfeld and Dobra ,that you will pass during your alternating running and swimming sections.
Come and let yourself be inspired by the unique environment, the fjord-like bays, the memorial fields of the Waldviertel Power Places. 

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 Marathon 34k

 The ultimate challenge. The program includes 6.1 km of swimming and 27.5 km of running.
Ancient castles, ruins, fortresses, natural beauties and alternating trails, almost 700 meters of altitude are conquered.
The centerpiece is a 150 m hill and the steep 80 m climb to the Ottenstein reservoir. and to the Dobra ruins. 12 swimming and 13 running parts provide a lot of variety.
Longest swim 1100 m
Longest run 4,400 m
Total swim 6100 m T
otal run: 27.9 km
Total 34 k
Altitude: 680 m

 Sprint 12,5k

Here you will find a mix of trial and half marathon that will make you sweat and take you into the natural beauty of the Waldviertel.

From the heart of the trial with the Dobra ruins, the sprint route takes you to a longer hill section and a longer swim in the beautiful Dobra.

Longest swim: 1100 m Longest run: 4400 m
Total swim: 2200 m
Total run: 10.5 km
Total 12.7 k
Altitude: . 430 m

Half Marathon 24 k

Challenging and yet doable - the 25 km along the Dobra and at the Ottenstein reservoir and its fjord-like bays can be completed individually or in a team. 


The cool rock formations around Lichtenfels Castle are complemented by the solitude of the Waldviertel with its varied landscapes. 


The centerpieces are a 150 m hill and the steep climb of 80 m to the Ottenstein reservoir and 30% to the Dobra ruins 


Longest swim 1100 m 

Longest run 4,400 m 

Total swim 3900 m 

Total run: 20.1 km 

Total 24 k 

Altitude:  550 m

Trial 9,3 k

For our beginners, the program includes 9.3 km in the heart of the Dobra with the Dobra ruins and their winding paths.


6 Run and 5 Swim parts create variety and the structure for an exciting introduction to the SwimRun scene.


Longest swim: 400 m

Longest run 1900 m

Total swim 1,750 m

Total run: 7550 m

Total: 9.3 k

Altitude: 250 m