SwimRun Kuopio

DISCOVER the wild      Finnish natur and finish the day with a Finnish Sauna

Kuopio, Finland, 13th July 2024
53 k/25 k|15 k   Team and Solo

with World Championships ULTRA distance

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Kill the hills , like the lakes.

The terrain consists of narrow forest trails on the Neulamäki Nature Reserve and various lengths of swims around the Lake Kallavesi Archipelago. The water temperature is around 20 °C. 

Come to enjoy the utter peace of the wilderness and the hospitality of the local volunteers along the whole race. 
The long hills and the technical trails challenge your entire body and that's why we have a rich energy serving along the course. 
The most traditional way to "Finnish" the tough swimrun day is to enjoy the evening at Luoto -  Finnish Sauna World, located right in the heart of Lake Kallavesi. 

photo credit: kuopio SwimRun 
Esa Simanainen, Adrienn Joensuu, Kaisu Väisänen , Juha Kolehmainen