Qualification rules for 2025

all championships are for Solo and Team 

Our different routes 

1. According to the Ranking status about  300 males or females are allowed to register for the different championships 2025
prerequisite 2 races

2. Direct qualification:

Top at one of our Qualifier Events,
you qualify for the distance you won or a shorter distance
(also along individual age )
no need for 2 races


Everyone is evaluated individually, regardless of whether they started as a team or solo 

Important: the qualification status is personalised to each name. That means, if you race with different partners or Solo you always gather points for you personally and can race with somebody else qualified.

 - there will be a small number of racers for our sponsors and wild cards

Championships Age Groups
Solo: Elite 16-39, Masters 40+

Teams: men, woman, mixed
below 90 and 90+ years togehter

There might be races with less or other age groups - we will recalculate for the ranking according to our scheme


- Marathon|long-
1st place 200 points
- Half|middle -     
1st place 150 points
- Sprint           -     
1st place 100 points

The first 30 gather points

attention: in 2023 we adopted points compared to 2022