Become a  World Champion 2024

For 2024 you have to be qualified
- either via the Ranking points within top 300 (2 events minimum)
- or via direct qualification by winning your class at one of our qualifier events 2022 or 2023

please find your qualification status for 2024

The Ultra in Kuopio/Finland  will be without qualification 2024

SwimRun Troia / Portugal
21st of April 2024
Team & Solo
Final results

DISCOVER beaches at it's best

SwimRun Kuopio, Finland
13th of July 2024
Team & Solo
Race preview

DISCOVER the wild Finnish nature

SwimRun Immeln, Sweden
17th of August 2024
Team & Solo  

the magnificent nature and lots of islands at it's best

SwimRun Cote d'Azur
20th of October  2024
Team & Solo

DISCOVER the  fashionable and cultivated Cote d'Azur with it's best views