Our ambassadors 


We are happy to present you athletes from different countries who are in love with SwimRun, eager to promote the SwimRun sport within their local and international community, compete at SwimRun events and are interesting personalities 

Max Andersson, Sweden


I fell in love with Swimrun back in 2017 when I tried it for the first time. The movement between running on forest trails to swimming in lakes, ocean or rivers caught me. The freedom cannot be described in words, you need to experience it yourself. 

My Swimrun Championship put together events all over Europe to let you experience the feeling that got me hooked on Swimrun. 

Go out there and enjoy the swimrun community and nature!

SwimRun World Champion 2022
Grand Slam, Winner of all World Series events 2022
both together with Hugo Tormento (F)


Marine Beaury, France

After my children were born, I
discovered the Swimrun with my partner. Passion for nature, the mountains,
running and swimming.
Since then it has been a passion where I constantly try to push my limits,
some kind of drug I want to share.


Ötillö SwimRun World Championships 2021-2022 
2021 ÖttillÖ Sprint Cannes (1st)
2022 Vale doLobo (1st Solo)
2022 Trail 80k Argeles sur Mer (3rd)
2022 SwimRun l’ile de la Réunion(2nd)
2023 SwimRun Azores (1st )

Robert Jacobsson, Sweden

My mindset is to always have fun during races, but still keep the focus, to be able to achieve as good performance as possible. 

Since the day 1, I have been really dedicated to swimrun and I love to inspire even more people to join the swimrun community.


Podiums 2022:

1st Team Mix Swimrun Hydra Long 2022

3rd Team Men Immeln Swimrun Long 2022

3rd Team Mix ÖtillÖ Final15 2022

3rd Team Mix Upplands-Bro Swimrun 2022

Barbara Seidel, Germany

with Partner Andreas Weiser

We started our SwimRun career in 2014 with Engadin SwimRun 1st edition. Naive and underprepared, kicked out by the cutoff. But we fell in love with SwimRun immediately. So we threw ourselves head over heels into the matter, organizing camps and races, selling all stuff in our shop and trying to build up a community. Somehow we also found the time to stay active ourselves, never with the really good ones but always with all the love and enthusiasm for the sport.

Races (Highlights only):
Immeln SwimRun 2015/ 2016/ 2022
SwimRun Barcelona 2016
Otillö SwimRun Utö 2016/ 2019
Ötillö SwimRun Engadin  2016/ 2017/ 2018/ 2020
Ötillö SwimRun World Championship 2018 (only Barbara in womens‘ category)
Ötillö SwimRun Malta 2019
Backwater SwimRun 2020/ 2021
Ötillö SwimRun Cannes 2022

Allgäu SwimRun 2016-2019
SwimRun Hof 2017-2019

Part of the International SwimRun Testing Team

Owner of the laufSinn SwimRun Shop

Gerhard Schiemer, Austria

My passion is  to discover the pure nature outdoor at different locations in water and landscape. That is the fascination of SwimRun. Just be on the go ..

-5 x World Championships Trailrunning
- Worldcup Trailrunning Multiple  Top 10 placements
- Backwaterman SwimRun 2019, 2020, 2022 (1st)

Coach for athletes to achieve their personal goals from hobby till top athletes


Sara Caraballo Chicano,


I met the swimrun by a beautiful chance, and from the first moment I was invaded by the sensation of freedom that it gives. It's a wonderful culture, community and sport...

We will continue transmitting the soul of the swimrun and enjoying each competition.

Σπύρος Γκοτζιας

Spyridon Gkotzias , Greece

Ι have entered in multirsport in 2011 with triathlon. Since then I have successfully finished over 60 races including 2 Balkan championships and 4 Ironman 70.3. I have started Swim Run in Hydra, Greece in 2018.
I think that Swim Run is the most thrilled sport out there. I try to maintain a competitive shape in balance with the family and a demanding job.


  • SwimRun Hydra, Greece (2018 1st - 2019- 1st - 2021 3rd)
  • Protaras SwimRun, Cyprus (2019 1st)