Our passion is our drive, our motivation .

We have played a decisive role in shaping and promoting new sports such as SwimRun in recent years.

We test all our products ourselves, we are often directly involved in the development or even responsible.

We are happy if we can make your SwimRun experience even better and more exhilarating with our products.

For us, the joy of sport, safety in the water and YOUR satisfaction are the focus of our actions.



"Andreas und Barbara von laufSinn sind seit vielen Jahren begeisterte SwimRunner. Aktiv bei internationalen Rennen, selbst Organisatoren von Rennen und Camps bieten sie mit ihrem Laden auch alles an Ausrüstung rund um den jungen Ausdauersport. 
Hier findest Du Knowhow und Leidenschaft für Deinen Sport."