The My SwimRun Championships 

offer numerous benefits for athletes: 

  1. Fair Chances for All:
  • Championships are held on a rolling basis in different countries and events, catering to diverse strengths due to varying race profiles.

2. Different Race Lengths:

  • Four different championship lengths, from Sprint to Ultra, provide opportunities for various types of racers.

3. Cultural Immersion:

  • Athletes can experience unique cultures as different personalities of organizers present authentic races reflecting the distinct landscapes, local taste and flavour of each location.

4. Age Group Consideration:

  • Recognizing that not every age group performs at the same level, the championships feature age groups, allowing athletes more chances based on their age. An annual ranking within these groups adds another layer of competition.

5. Budget-Friendly:

  • With no overhead costs, the championships maintain an excellent price/value balance for participants. This cost-effective approach, coupled with a comprehensive package, ensures a great deal for athletes.

6. Year-Round Adventures:

  • The championships cover a broad scope of countries and timings, providing athletes with numerous options for new adventures throughout the year.

7. Minimal Travel Time:

  • Most races are conveniently located within 1-2 hours of main cities, minimizing travel time for participants.

8. Diverse Event Scale:

  • Whether seeking smaller or larger events, the championships offer a broad scope, ensuring athletes can always find the right fit for their preferences.

9. Qualification Cost Efficiency:

  • Athletes can qualify for championships at lower costs, requiring fewer races for qualification. Points can be collected at all distances, offering flexibility.

10. More Racing, More Fun:

  • Shorter qualifier races enable athletes to participate in more races, enhancing the overall experience and fun factor of the championships.